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Speaker and motivational coach
"Entrepreneur Extraordinaire"
Shawn Hart created "his first direct sales business in 1991", founding a company called CDC Marketing.

Shawn began his first business by selling roses on the street in a van and soon had many friends working in his business also selling roses on commission.

He became the first cash millionaire in his graduating class of 1993 and oversaw the launching of several successful businesses before his 30th birthday earning over 11 million at the age of 27.

After leaving Rushville, Indiana in 1994, he formed a "joint venture" company with American Chambers Insured Plans and quickly reached the top sales spot for the state of Indiana earning an override commission from every agent in the state at 18 years old.

Hart retired the first time at just 27 after selling out to his partners, and took a brief hiatus before launching another successful company Hart Medical Supplies in Fountaintown, IN in 2005 at 30 years old and founded Hart Marketing Inc and served as its "Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President" between 2005 and 2011. 

Hart began to study and implement the powers of direct response copywriting (salesmanship in print) and then "spread his wings" online to produce millions in sales for products ranging from diapers, to ATVs.

In 2008, he became the President of Top Ten Imports, LLC. and the Chairman of iHeater, Inc. 

In 2011 Hart sold the 3 year old company to private equity for 13 million keeping a 15% stake.

In 2014, he began a new venture and became the the Vice Chairman and Director of SDS Marketing Group Inc., an online power seller of physical products online through channels like Amazon.com quickly reaching well over $1 million in monthly sales and co-founded Amazon Sellers Alliance and Quick Fast Hurry LLC (www.quickfasthurry.com) with his partner Seth Stevens in an effort to teach other entrepreneurs how to successfully launch a physical products business using Amazon.

Leading the market in a personal approach to handheld, spoon fed training QFH quickly became the go to coaching program for aspiring Amazon sellers worldwide in 2016.

Hart began a small group trip to Yiwu China in March of 2015 by hosting over 40 clients on a buying trip to China to teach other sellers how to identify, negotiate and source the best product opportunities directly from Chinese sellers.

Hart then created the first world class hosted sourcing trip to China a few times each year with business partners Wil Mattos and Jason Fladlein of Rapid Crush Inc. and has hosted some of the industries heavyweights like Ben Cummings of Amazon Fast Track coaching and David Alladin of Amazon Secrets as well as the leading Amazon sellers podcast producers from Private Label Podcast Kevin Rizer and Paul Miller.

Hart sold his business Quick Fast Hurry in the summer of 2020 and then Seth Stevens and Shawn partnered again to found their new company Post Purchase PRO which is focussed on providing end to end done for you email marketing specifically for Amazon sellers.

Shawn and Seth are co-authors of two books: Selling On The River, and now best selling Private Label Millionaire Secrets both available on Amazon.com

He lives in the Southern Gulf Coast area of the US with his wife Crystal and three children Cash, Moses, and Heaven while his eldest daughter Haley manages a chain of Crunch Fitness centers.

Shawn loves to share his real life experiences in a "no BS" kind of way and has experienced wins and losses in dozens of unique business models.

Shawn Hart has generated well over
$153 million USD is sales of his own branded physical products over the past 10 years.

Hart also enjoys speaking to other aspiring entrepreneurs and has been invited to share his insights on marketing, sourcing in China, and using his "Quick Fast Hurry" grass roots guerrilla marketing methods to quickly surpass his competition in any industry.

Hart produces two weekly podcasts and one daily podcast where he documents his journey and shares strategy and insights with other online entrepreneurs around the globe.

The Post Purchase Podcast
Amazon Brand Seller Stories
$100 Million Dollar Business Lessons

All available on all podcast platforms

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What others are saying...

Ben Cummings - Founder
Amazon Fast Track

Shawn Hart is an exceptional entrepreneur. He is also a genius at uncovering insane deals, that can easily be privately labeled, right from the underbelly of China. "Gasp! I could never go to China and source product," I can almost hear you saying. Well, then I say: Phui. The only reason you feel that way, is because you've never physically gone to China, and more importantly, you never went with Shawn Hart. 

You see, the Shawn Hart experience isn't just about being in China. It's about him teaching you - showing you - and demonstrating, exactly what to do once you're there! For example, the first time I went to China with Shawn and his group, I saw Shawn source half a dozen products in under 2 hours. Oh and he sourced these products at about 90-96% discounts compared to what he could turn around and sell them on Amazon under his own private label.

There are certain things that you can only learn by actually doing it. This is one of those life-altering business experiences. You have to go to China, to actually understand how it all works. And much more importantly, you have to get your hands dirty by walking around Yiwu - perhaps nervously at first - and just source. The first few times I tried it, I was laughing like a school-kid. Heck, I was sweating and nervous (for no good reason.) By the time I walked into the third vendor, I sounded (and acted) like I'd been doing it for years. Little did they know I had just arrived.  

Bottom line: Shawn's on-the-ground and in-the-trenches China sourcing trip is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, if you're at all serious about this business. And I've heard (but can't confirm) that this will be his last trip. He doesn't need the money, trust me. So if you've been meaning to go to China, with a sourcing "ninja", then you'd be well advised to take action ASAP. And as a result, you will get to profit from your experiences for a lifetime." 

- Ben Cumming

Jason Fladlein - Co-Founder
Rapid Crush Inc.

It’s about time… someone has taught direct marketing to private label Amazon sellers. Others are focused on branding or social media or whatever new fangled tech is out and are ignoring the tried and true principles of business success. 

It’s about time… Shawn has thrown his hat in the ring. I know almost all the Amazon gurus in this space and practically none of them hold a candle to the results Shawn has achieved selling products on amazon - including me. 

Shawn historically has been more doer, less teacher. I’m glad he’s embracing his teaching role. 
It’s about time… you recapture some of your time. People start businesses to gain freedom, and end up with less of it. They work long hard hours and if they succeed - they become a victim of that success. Shawn’s approach to selling on Amazon is scalable and smart - because Shawn is the best kind of smart: street smart. 
I learned that the day I met Shawn. 

I was speaking at a conference and there were over 3,000 folks in the audience. It was one of my better talks, at least judging by the line of folks waiting to meet me on the stage side after my talk was over. 

Shawn was in that line, toward the back. He got tired of standing around and waiting for what was likely a fleeting moment to make an introduction. Instead, he sauntered up to me and whispered: “I’ll pay you $1000 to sit down and have a beer with me later.” 


Since then, Shawn and my company Rapid Crush have engaged in numerous business ventures together, including at one building the largest company in the world for taking folks to Yiwu, China to source products. 

My job is more of a shovel seller than gold digger. I try to focus and identify the top products, programs and people to help Amazon sellers start and/or grow their business both on and off Amazon. 

I’ve referred close to $100 million in product sales since 2013, and not because I’ve endorsed a ton of programs. On the contrary, I try to focus on the few strategies that make the most difference. 

Shawn is on that short list of folks who I would send my children to if they wanted to learn to sell on Amazon. And it is an honor to be asked to write the foreword. 

Read his book and you’ll see why.

Jason Fladlein - Rapid Crush Inc.

Shawn Hart - Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
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